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individualally and took the pictures. 27 items. some actual food. to find others you have to go to a chemical supply company but put together they are delicious. twinkies. for your enjoyment. kind of like cavuto. >> almost as good as twinkies. a super tuesday. a super test. not for democrats. for republicans. welcome. i'm neil cavuto and this is "your world." the final big day. we are already getting reports of record voter turnout in wisconsin for a primary. that's weird. and unusual interest in suddenly surging tea party candidates in delaware, new hampshire, and new york. that is even weirder. where not democrats shaking in their boots, it is republicans. some of whom stand to get bagged by tea partyers they once seemed little more than pests but if my next guests are right they are powerful pests.
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very powerful. jennifer stefano and dallas tea party founder. welcome to both of you. jennifer, we are already getting reports that some of the tea party candidates are surging significantly. the delaware race more dramatically. what do you think is going on here, jen? >> i think the republican establishment very much underestimated the tea party and our organizational abilities and ability to raise money. i think when we first came on the scene they like to pat our heads and say great job protesting and hold up the signs and make trouble for the democrats and when we wanted to have a say in our own party they balked and they thought we would event waltly go away and go back to our homes our jobs. we went home and organized and got ready and now taking it straight to the people and the people are working to get the candidates elect. >> the argument has been among the traditional party of
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establishment that you might like and fall in love with a tea party candidate but you will sour quickly when you see how he or she fares in a general election. we have seen cases where initially come out the gate significantly trailing the democratic candidate in the case of sharron angle in nevada to a statistical dead heat. what will be the case if some more beat out established candidates tonight? can you hear me phil? >> you are talking to me. i'm sorry. >> neil: , yes, i am. >> in the case of say a mike castle in delaware is we have seen his record. one of the most leftist congressmen in congress much less the republican party. i would prefer to lose with an o'donnell than win with someone who is a republican that is going to vote with the democrats anyway. >> neil: i heard that expressed a lot by tea parties and goes something like that better to lose on cause than to win on just party label but i also
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hear established republicans come back and say well, the worst republican is better than the best democrat. what do you say to that and the cause that is at stake tonight? >> i would like the republican establishment to tell me how they can tell the difference between a bad republican and a good democrat. the fact of the matter is it is animal farm. who is the pig. who is the farmer. who is the leftist. who is the republican. unfortunately the republican party in too much instances abandoned the principles. we embrace the principles of fiscal responsibility and we are taking them to the people. i know in southeastern pennsylvania, we opening a physical headquarter tonight. a we the people headquarter for the tea party to turn out the vote and do literatures. things that are effective in getting our candidates elected and that is something the republican party didn't think we could do or were able to do but we are going to do it to
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get good candidates to win the seats so we don't have to worry about a bad republican or the worst republican. >> neil: well, put. having gone to more than a few tea party gatherings myself to see what it is about i discovered of you folks that you hate everybody and i mean that with the highest respect. you don't trust politicians period so you are willing to try something new. let me ask you what i asked other tea parties beginning with you, would you be happy if it means a democrat gets elected in a hotly contested battle if the republican who loses isn't up to your standards either? >> you know, the republican party has to stand for something. we first started seeing this with dee dee of the new york 23. she was further left than the democrat candidate. how much did we see the republican party and how much money was thrown behind her simply because she had an r behind her. we are so tired, neil of the senators and congressmen reaching across the aisle to
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work with their good friends on the left. the only time i want my senator or congressman reaching across the aisle is to grab the throat of someone on the other side. we have to tear apart this monster in washington, d.c. that is eating our wealth and destroying our country and we are not going to get that accomplished with the wed ussy elite that we have running the republican party. >> neil: i don't know where you are coming from, if you could be more clear in the future. jennifer, is it your sense right now that tea partyers are all over the place? i mean there are thousands of tea party, you know, movements across the country, coalesced under the tea party label but the real test going forward will bebeing a single unified voice and the wrap against you guys is that you are not. that is both your strength and maybe your weakness. sort of this grassroots movement that is all over the place. what do you say? >> i think that is great and we are fighting against a single
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unified voice telling us what to do. that is the vision barack obama has for america. we will tell you what to do. we are the smarter and better and intellects and we went to ivy league university. the grass roots are united in our love of the country and belief in individual freedom and i don't think an overall cover group is a good idea. our strength lies in on the ground local organization and getting the vote out, working hard and not having a united front. there should be no bellwether organization that tells the tea party which ideally represents the american people, the joe six pack, whatever any one wants to call us, the average people what to do. it should be decided locally and individually and based on what is happening in your state and your community. >> neil: i don't want to mess with either of you. good seeing you. we'll see how the elections fare out tonight. thanks, guys. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> neil: now, back to the democrats. nancy pelosi facing growing resistance from members pushing
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to eastbound tend all o extendx cuts. you are considered one of the so-called blue doggers. generally more fiscally conservative and maybe fiscalry prudent if there is such a thing in washington. you have been urging your speaker to open up extending all the tax cuts. have you got and response back? >> i think what is happening is there is a lot of discussions i'm hearing in washington now about a compromise and looking for other ways to deal with the tax cuts that includes doing an extension of all of them at least for some period of time and i think that is good news. >> neil: the some period of time i'm hearing is a two year extension, the republicans stop pushing to make it permanent. are you onboard with that? >> i think one or two years a reasonable step to take. in a down economy this is not the time to be raising taxes. that is what we ought to be talking about. >> neil: how many are are like
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you. some 52 bla 52 blew dogs i'm t? how many share your view beyond the blue dog move innocent. >> i'm circling a letter that includes other members of the the democratic caucus who are not blue dogs. members just coming back into town today after the august recess. the reality is we are just gathering signatures now. i don't have a number for you neil. i think there are a lot of folks interested in looking at this letter and signing their name to push the position that i advocated. >> neil: if you had to be a betting man and had to wager. >> i'm from utah, we don't bet. >> i think you do secretly. if you had to take odds on whether all the rates are going to be extended, all of them, what would that be? >> sure, listen, i think that it as moving target to be honest. 6much more fluid than this thes a few days ago. i understand where things could
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blow up but moving in the direction where it's probable something is going so happen. >> neil: do you think that the majority leader that they have resigned themselves that is the word to minority status in seven weeks? a bit too soon to jump the gun and history indicates it can be too soon to jump the gun? hearing talking about that that they are digging in their heels or resigning themselves to a new life after november? >> i haven't had that discussion with any one in the leadership that you suggested. i don't think there is a fatalistic feel. i think each member of congress is an individual and understand their own home district. and the folks who love to make the grand proclamations don't necessarily look at each individual district. i think it is too soon to say what is going to happen. there is a lot of volatility because we are in a down economy. i'm not prepared to say the elections can go one way or another.
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>> neil: speaking of all things politics do not forget complete primary coverage tonight on the fox business network. two hours of live coverage at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. we will also interrupt earlier should races that close at 8:00 begin to bare results. the republican governor of rhode island joining us. former house majority leader tom delay. many more results pouring in and we will be all over it all night. no other business network is doing this to the degree we are doing it. which is why if you do not get fox business. >> demand it! >> neil: slight delay but better than it was last night. then there is this. she calls herself the hottest sports reporter in mexico and flustered over plus the locker room antics. >> i block myself because when you get in the locker room i try not to provoke anything.
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i go and stay there and not move any moment. >> neil: well, i know exactly how she feels. i get the same reaction when i go into a women's locker room. especially when they hear about the website and i'm practicalally mobbed. features not only moi but also hot interviews and provokative poll questions. go to the what to you think section and send in your thoughts. i may read some on fox business network two hours from now and ladies there will probably be bathing suit shots there so have at it. while you are there -- i don't want that image to get out of your head. i apologize up front. >> take our poll. should the tea party back individual candidates? we will bring you the results throughout the hour and if you behave the aforementioned bathing suit shots from the cavuto family summer vacation will be coming forth rightly.
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>> gop leaders at odds over extending all of the bush tax cuts. got republican lawmakers taking sides. we will talk to one of them. a political rock star. republican governor of virginia is here and only here.
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neil cavuto. number one in news this hour. number one in business period. you're watching your world. the worst thing you could possibly do would be to be raising taxes on anybody in the middle of what most americans think is a recession. >> neil: senate gop leader mitch mcconnell not bending and today getting house leader john boehner to move back to saying he ain't bending either. either tax cuts extended for
4:16 pm
everybody or nobody. to republican congressman joe wilson of south carolina. on the grand old party's take it or leave it strategy. congressman, good to have you. is that how you feel, sir,, everyone gets them extended or nobody does? >> first of all, neil, an honor to be pack with you. i'm pleased republicans are united for keeping the tax cuts in place. this is how we create jobs and protect jobs. >> all right. i guess i'm not clear. does that mean then you would say everyone gets this extended or nobody gets them extended. your leader john boehner seems to say if push came to shove and the only choice is extending to the middle class or nobody he would extend to to the middle class. >> my view is that the american people are speaking up and making a difference we can pass the tax cuts and keep the tax cuts in place and we should be working to keep the tax cuts that we have to create jobs. >> neil: referring to the federation of businessmen and
4:17 pm
women there. now happens, though, know, how though in terms of the sideline. a fee weeks before the columbus day holiday and then focused on the election and then a lame duck session. when would this be addressed one way or another? >> should be addressed right away. i have faith in the american people. they are making their voices heard. you heard where democrats understand and many not as many as we need, we need more to come onboard for the tax cuts. >> neil: congressman ever since your famous you lie comment at the press' speech in the well of the house to which you apologized to the president but allot of your supporters say you weren't miscasting anything at the time you became a focus of democratic money operatives who wanted to see you unseated. more poured into your race than almost any race in the country to get you kicked out of there. how would you answer that, responded to that.
4:18 pm
has it been unusual pressure on you, what? >> i'm really grateful. the people that i represent the second district of south carolinaster strongly responded supporting me. they know that speaker pelosi has targeted me, my race and but the people are becoming very active and here in the last seven weeks of the campaign i'm just energized. the people i represent are energized. sadly, over $2 million has been raised by speaker pelosi to defeat me but we are working hard, neil. >> neil: i wasn't surprised when i heard that napolitano was targeting, i remember whoa you made the remarks she gave you the death stare. she gave me what my fourth great teacher gave me the you will never make it out of the fourth grade stare. she just gave you a look like she wanted you dead. in you survive in november and all of a sudden republicans take the majority, how do you
4:19 pm
think relations will be. in. >> well, i have actually had a civil relationship. we disagree on the issues. >> neil: civil relationship with her? >> we even have a civil relationship. i have traveled with she and her husband paul to africa. so we have a civil relationship. >> neil: when did you do that? when did you do the africa trip? >> that was three years ago. >> neil: that was long before she gave you the death stare. >> yes, but in between i will tell you that we will at least acknowledge each other's presence. it shouldn't be personal and it is not personal. >> neil: i don't mean to be tacky and you are far too much of a gentleman to share in my tackiness but civil relationship, you know, a nice cordial relationship, cordial with each other. does she actually say hi to you in the hall and you say hi to her? >> we do and i introduced her to con at this tim wents an co. it is civil. part of her civility is she
4:20 pm
recognizes that joe is the target and we will do all we can to defeat him but i have faith in the people that i represent in the second district of south carolina. >> neil: a pleasure. thank you very much. congressman joe wilson from south carolina. now, the president's healthcare law could be going to trial. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every siness day, bank of america lends billions of dollars, to individuals, institutions, schools, organizations and businesses. ♪ working to set opportunity in motion. bank of america. home of one of the coldest, longest nights on the planet. and asked frequent heartburn sufferers, like carl,
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>> neil: well, it is one of the most legal challenges of our time. 20 states looking to block key parts of the president's new healthcare law today in florida. the judge apparently meeting them halfway on greta van susteren in court for proceedings. our host of on the record joining us in kortright now.
4:24 pm
why is this important? >> because if the judge declares this unconstitutional all of the work of congress on the healthcare and all the people who wanted it will no longer have the healthcare bill. it will send everybody back to square one. 20 statess today, 0 states filed a motion to declare the statute unconstitutional. they went in and said the lawsuit should be dismissed and the judge heard argument and the first thing to consider is whether the states could bring the action at all. in order to bring a court action you have to show that you were harmed. the states showed how they were harmed economically. in the judge finds out they do have standing and they can make the lawsuit the judge must make a decision whether or not the statute is constitutional and falls on two words. one is the federal government says that they can regulate this because it is interstate commerce because it is activity.
4:25 pm
and what the state is saying no, it is not activity. ordering someone to buy a health insurance is not an activity, it is inactivity. depends on how the judge interprets the word activity. whether that is activity or inactivity. the federal government says if you don't buy that argument the reason this is constitutional is because we have the constitutional authority of the federal government to tax and what the states say what do you mean tax? the president didn't call it a tax. the house didn' call it a tax. when they enacted it they did everything but run away from the word tax. it is not a tax it is a penalty. if it aspennalty it looks like the federal government can't do it. there is wrangling today on words. i couldn't read the judge. i don't know whether he will say the states have standing or if the case remains because the constitutional challenges are good ones. do i expect since the states do go into court on a motion to dismiss which is a leg up because the judge has to assume everything they say is correct then it will move to the next
4:26 pm
stage which is a motion for summary judgment in late october. >> neil: the bottom line is at issue is whether the federal government can force you to buy insurance, the lynchpin of this whole healthcare program and you are right, if this was junked by the judge then you effectively take the meat out out of of the entire healthcare law. let's say the judge quickly decides the federal government overstepped its bounds here. does it stay? in other words, does it stop the law in its tracks, what? >> the judge wasn't even going that deep today. he is trying to decide whether or not it is so facially bizarre or absurd and i'm exaggerating that that he dismisses that. he decides whether the states continue and whether they asserted enough that they have been harmed and that the constitutional challenges are ones that ought to be considered. that is where we are today. not even quite to that stage. >> neil: what if we get to stage?
4:27 pm
>> there is no severability clause. if the judge determines that the federal government does not have authority to order people to buy this insurance then the entire healthcare statute gets thrown out. can't just sever out one little piece and say that is unconstitutional and the rest of the statute stands. >> man, oh, man, that is good stuff. no wonder why you are falling all of this greta van susteren on the record on this like nobody's business. thanks very much, greta. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: tonight the democrats are looking beyond this night and not to the big mid terms seven weeks from tonight. what if i told you the big election more like 111 weeks from tonight? yellowbook has always been good for business.
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take the scary out of life with travelers. call or click now for an agent or quote. >> neil: all right. i'm going to talk to napolitano about this in just a second. he has been a busy bee but gold has never been higher. spiking nearly $25 an ounce. it has never been this pricing. meanwhile, everyone is looking a the primaries today and the election day that is seven weeks away today. what if i told you a lot of democrats are looking to the next big election after that some 112 weeks from today? by then the the feeling is the economic recovery will look better and the numbers like today's surprisingly strong surge in retail sales more familiar. jane hansen cook says it happened before to a guy named ronald reagan. jane, i was thinking about what you said there and that is true at this point in his presidency
4:32 pm
he was looking like a one termer and the numbers in retrospect were beginning to turn his way. do you think history strikes twice here? >> absolutely. i think there is a fascinating parallel. a lot of similarities between today and mid terms of 1982. unemployment today is 9.6. it was 10% in 1982. you had a president that was looking at the opposing party picking up seats in the mid terms and so there is a lot of parallels and the economy was the main issue. i think in r in re in regan's e wasn't as passion at as pa ated terms. >> bill clinton knew that there would probably be sacrificial lands turned out more than he thought when pushed his legislation through and led to newt gingrich but two years
4:33 pm
later ace hen comeback and his own party's comeback. are they betting on that or what? >> i think that yew really do have to in politics look at the short-term but also look at the long-term implications of where things are headed and where the trends are. president regan, he based his whole presidency on his economic stimulus plan and velocity which was cutting tax rates across the board and he knew that those tax rates were rolling in over the next two years and so by the time of the next presidential election they would be in full force and fueling the economy from the bottom up from the people to the market and onward. so i think that presidents have to look long-term and i think there is a key difference between then and today. president obama's stimulus plan is based on federal spending two thirds of which has largely been spent and so now he has infrastructure projects to look at for fueling the economy. i think there is a difference in economic philosophy but by
4:34 pm
and large they both were looking long-term. here is the mid terms but hey let's look to the next presidential. >> neil: get over the hump. thanks, jane, good to have you again. >> thanks for having me. >> neil: a huge one for independent candidates. the judge says the tea party surge is coming and saw it before most folks knew about it. judge andrew napolitano joining me right now. they could make even more inroads. >> tremendous inroads and this is a major difference from what the professor was just saying between regan and now. nobody two years into regan's presidency in the republican party was questioning his bona fides as mr. conservative but today republicans are questioning the bona fides of establishment republican candidates the likes of which we haven't seen since barry goldwater went against nelson rockefeller in 1964. the small government states are the principal engines of government not the federal
4:35 pm
government sound money, stay within the confines of the constitution movement in the republican party called the tea party is resurgent the likes of which we haven't seen. michael castle this is the case to watch tonight i would suggest. he is the only comeman in the state of delaware. the former lieutenant governor. the former governor. because he is the only congressman he runs statewide. he has run and won statewide the last ten times his name was on the ballot. he is in the race of his life by an unknown mom with no political experience who sounds more like ron paul or barry goldwater than she does like michael castle and they are neck and neck in the polls. why? because governor congressman castle is a moderate republican who voted with barack obama on many issues, voted with george bush on let's take over education. let's expand prescription
4:36 pm
health benefits for seniors, the types of things to small conservatives. >> neil: they don't dominate the scene and this was the wrap against shar ron angle that if she got the nomination she would be the death nell for the republicans. but she leads right now. >> that is the arguement against castle not winning a sure republican victory or the likelihood of republican victory looks unlikely. >> the president's popularity rating keeps slipping. now, about 42 about percent approval. our good friend and colleague dick morris will tell you if it hits 40 t the democrats will dessert him in droves. it is imupon for a modern president to govern when the approval rating is hovering around 40. that may happen in the next seven weeks and you will see the sharron angles and christine o'donnells increase.
4:37 pm
>> what if they hurt as barry goldwater junior suggested of his dad better to take some republican to deed and lead out moderates that lead to the ronald reagan types many years later. >> that is the argument that they will make. >> it is worth the setback short term. >> because in the long-term you will produce the small government people in government. may not happen now or two years from now but it will happen. >> neil: catch freedom watch every week on the fox business network where any one who disagrees with him he shouts down with a lot of big words and legal existences presentations that they don't know what hit them. it is that good. many parents defaulting on loans and now many kids are are, too. dave ramsey is not surprised and dave is here. he is the guy many say started the lurch from the left. virginia governor bob mcdonald on why what he got going is still going and going and going.
4:38 pm
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and the first language, the language of chemistry, was universal and eloquent. and the unique ability of chemiry to change everything has never changed. it is still the hope of human history to come. it is still the bond in partial between the elements. hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and human.
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>> neil: do as i default, not as i say. a government report shows a record number of young folks walking away from student loans. count dave ramsey not surprised with so many kids seeing parents not paying their bills and scores of american cities doing the same, who can blame them. dave si second baseman you will casting from his hit radio show. sad but not too surprising. >> gives us the opportunity to have the discussion about the student loan problem in general. only 57% of the people that start college actually finish student00% that have stew tent loans have a problem. >> neil: you're right. >> they leave college with the student loan debt and without the degree and when it is a federally guaranteed student loan, a sa sallie mae loan that
4:42 pm
means we get to pick up the bill for that. going into default. a high percentage of them, do. the other thing is the credit card dent on campus. financial problems cause more people to drop out of college than drug use or grades. they get into a financial mess with the credit cards and then boom they leave college without the degree and now we have an activated student loan and don't have the income to pay it. what a mess. a layered mess. >> neil: what has further extended this is this look around reality, you know, banks and scores of businesses, auto companies and the like that have gotten bailouts and they have seen a lot of mortgage rework programs where a lot of folks can and do walk away from mortgages, walk away from their obligations. maybe their parents are among them, i don't know. the reality is that this has almost become the chic thing to do. >> the strategic default crap that is flying around in the
4:43 pm
mortgage world where people throw up their hands and walk away because it is not convenient. i help people that are hurting, that is different. this it is inconvenient for me to honor my word. the ethics at the core of this is a problem and when people look around and see this. however, it is not going to bode well for those involved because we work with people in debt problems every day, it is what i do. i tell you this, your student loan debt, baby, it is forever. not bankruptable and they will chase you until the end of of the earth. sallie mae will have her own spare bedroom at your house until you get the mess cleaned up. >> neil: every time you come here lots are folks wanting to ask you some stuff. here is this weeks if. hi, neil and dave. i'm janet from new jersey and i have a bankruptcy question for you. if you file bankruptcy how long does it stay on your record? and will your record ever be cleared?
4:44 pm
>> neil: how long? >> a chapter 13 bank rushcy which is a repayment plan will stay on for seven years. a chapter 7 which is what we think of when we think of bankruptcy, the aton bomb dropped on the finances zeros everywhere. you can't commit fraud when you fill out an application and most say have you ever filed bankruptcy. 22 years ago my wife and i filed bankruptcy. i get to file out the application that says have you ever i get to say, yes. >> has have prevented you from getting anything? >> no, because i pay cash for stuff. >> neil: i forgot about that. thank you very much. dave ramsey. former president bill clinton -- you might recall there was a sort of a wedge opened up between the two former opponents for the 1992
4:45 pm
presidential nomination. but that is bygones that are old bygones according to bill clinton and jerry brown has since apologized for remarks he made that popped up in a meg whitman ad his chief opponent for the california gubernatorial mansion and now looks like bill clinton is going to be campaigning for and supporting completely jerry brown. now, an update on the your world website poll. today's question "should the tea party back individual candidates"? the results are in. 92% say, yeah. 6% no. 2% not so sure. more than 2300 of you already weighing in. no doubt looking for that bathing suit shot of me. keep looking. log on too world. we would love to hear from you. meanwhile, start agent 9:00 p.m. eastern time watch all of the primary coverage on the fox business network. for two whole hours longer than
4:46 pm
need be. talking to some of the biggest names in politics. the former speaker. the republican governor of rhode island. the former house majority leader tom delay and many, many more. no other business network is providing such in depth coverage because they don't know how but we do. if you do not get fox business network. >> demand it! >> what do i do? bret baier already allowed me to tivo him and watch me. when we come back, remember what scott brown did in massachusetts? my next guest did it in virginia. one put democrats on warning and the other put an entire region in play in what had been obama's stomping grounds. meet the bigger republican sensation they simply call bob.
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>> neil: always something involving the dutch or those flying in and out of denmark, amsterdam. the latest incident an apparently intoxicate intoxican airlines pilot -- from a delta jet as he prepared to fly. officials said he was too drunk to fly. that is all we know. just weird with all the incidents in and out of amsterdam but this one involves a pilot heading there who authorities believe was too drunk to fly. i don't know what happened to the plane or the crew or whatever. but anyway, they never took off. ten months ago a newly elected governor of virginia candidates across the country inviting governor bob mcdonald to the campaign events. they want him to be the ring leader.
4:51 pm
and the governor is wrapping up a fundraiser for new mexico gun torial candidate today. governor mcdonald joining me right now. you are quite the belle of the ball i guess, huh? >> i'm just glad to help members of our team. chris christy and i was fortunate to win last year. learned about campaigning on fiscally conservative government principles and focusing on results and i'm helping some other great candidates for governor and senate and congress to talk about the same ayas where they can win, too would you be for replacing michael steele as the party leader? >> he repped me immensely. rny donated $7 million to our campaign. great get out of the vote effort. he won a lot of elections with the rnc. i think it is too early to get into that discussion. 49 days left and we are focused on winning november 2. that will be discussion for after the election. >> neil: if you guys make the inroads you are expected to this election and you are
4:52 pm
right, sir,, anything can change in the next seven weeks he would be more fortified in his position, would he not? >> there will be lots of credit to go around on november 2 if we win a majority of the governor's races and take back the u.s. house. that is my goal. we will worry about who gets credit later on. >> neil: if you don't mind my beating a dead horse i apologize up front but you would not be for pushing mr. steele out of that 1309? spot. >> it is too early to have that discussion. he is a decent hard working guy. like everybody in office he makes mistakes and people have focused on it i would think probably over the top. right now, i just think it is not the time to have that discussion. michael steele is working hard as is the republican governor's association candidates across the country. we are not talking about division or credit or blame. we are talking about winning and that is what we are doing. >> neil: you know, it is little known in this sort of lurch back to the right movement is that you really kind of started
4:53 pm
it, governor. and there is a feeling that back when you were doing it there was a sort of giddiness among republicans there was the fight and the whole word to do it and now they have gotten almost congressy about it and that they are kind of resting on their laurels that some of them are actually, you know, ordering the drapes and carpeting for their offices and handing out committee assignments in washington. what do you think of that? >> i think that is wrong. a lot can happen in 49 days. the democratic party has good candidates. they apparently have more money in most races than the republican opponents. it is all about get out the vote. so many of these races are margin of error or slightly outside of it. i say it is fool hearty to be doing that. we need to focus on the ideas that i think help people like me win, fiscal responsibility, cutting spending, limiting government, innovations and education and energy. if we don't focus on that and we arealking about what 2003
4:54 pm
doing afterwards we won't have the victories. i encourage everybody to stay focused. if they don't like what nancy pelosi and harry reid are doing, focus on getting votes out and we can talk about what we will do next january later. >> neil: do you worry about the tempest in the tea pot, by that i mean the tea partyers and a lot of them are sort of rejecting established republican candidates in delaware? mike castle is facing the race of his life. in new york where rick lazzio facing an unexpectedly bit rechallenge by a tea party backed former businessman that this is a growing movement and potential real thorn for republicans. >> no, i think it is healthy. this is part of the marketplace of ideas. i will think this is a natural outcropping of this unbelievable lurch to the left we have seen in the united states congress and with this administration one size fits all big government, washington, knows best solutions, national
4:55 pm
debt out of control, spending to a trillion five a year deficit. i can understand why people are concerned about it. at the end of the day, the party -- the candidate that wins in a republican primary is going to have broad support from republicans, if tea party activists and frankly from mainstream independent candidates that are tired of the big government approach. i'm not worried about it. i think it is a healthy debate within the republican party and will return us to the fiscally conservative roots. >> neil: you are also good at history, governor and know that republicans were considered dead a little more than a year and a half ago and now they are back with a vengeance and democrats who had it all are now considered dead. they were considered the same way in 1994 when they came back. his view that republicans might be mixing the tore rest for the trees and the -- the forest for the trees and the democrats have moved on to the 2012 elections, giving on on 2010, what do you think with of that?
4:56 pm
>> not back with a vengeance. back with a smile and results and ideas and i think that is why we are going to win. i think there is plenty of room for the robust discussion frankly on the right and left about what kind of america do you want to leave for your kids and grand kids. i have five children i'm raising in virginia and the reason you see people engaged so much is you know you have unsustainable national debt of $13 trillion. $46,000 per american family. can't keep going like that and keep america the exceptional nation it is today. i'm glad we are having this debate and i think when i tell my republican friends look i'm hoping we win but after you win you better govern like you campaigned on fiscal conservativism. there is times we didn't do it and we got replaced. i hope the debate about spin alive. >> neil: that will do it here now. all over the super tuesday primaries on fbn. i'm smiling here but i will be pensive as it gets serious.
4:57 pm
the new jersey governor taking only pences in the garden state and man, oh, man, is that causing a big ruck cuss and then michael eisner. the former disney poll disney g about the bush tax cuts and what is at stake in this election and for our country. > host: could switching to geico really
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